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The first step to a healthy flexible, pain free body

Here at Figure and Form Osteopathy, we are passionate about enabling your body to move as optimally as possible.

The more you move, and the better quality of movement you have, the more healthy you will be overall. We look at your body as a whole. We don't just treat your symptoms.

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Osteopathy is a form of physical hands-on therapy. It loosens joint restrictions and muscle tightness to enable the body to move as it should, and prevent further injury. Our Osteopaths apply this using muscle soft tissue techniques, joint mobilisation, medical acupuncture and exercise prescription

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Dry Needling

Dry Needling is a technique used by manual therapists. A small acupuncture needle is inserted into Myofascial trigger points. Myofascial trigger points are small taught hyperirritable points in muscles which cause pain and restrictions within a muscle, these can become chronic and lead to long term pain.

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Clinical Pilates

Pilates was formed in the early 20th century by a man called Joseph Pilates who was a gymnast and bodybuilder, who had suffered frequent ill-health as a child. It was originally called "Contrology", using a series of carefully controlled precise movements to strengthen the core muscles, or as Joseph liked to call it the "Powerhouse". These muscles are so important as their role is to support the spine and pelvis and if these muscles are not functioning as they should the end result is often lower back pain or pain around the pelvis area.

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  • “Why go and see a number of different therapists to look at your joints, muscles, do dry needling, postural advice as well as give you exercises when you can go and see Hannah, and she can do it all!”


  • “I have had great treatment and support from Hannah for an elbow injury. I won’t hesitate to come back”


  • “Hannah has worked wonders with my back injuries, superbly skilled, a very sound listener, very supportive. I am glad of her help”


We will

Assess each person as an individual. Treat the cause of your ailments and create a treatment plan to help enable you to live a healthy pain-free life